Who Am I?


]My name is María Cintora. I always remember being fascinated by the idea of finding ways that would let me connect with myself, my things, my circumstances, etc., and thus be able to knit a net where that Whole made sense.

We are always surprised when external connections happen, and we call them “coincidences”, and sometimes we manage to link one to another. I always thought how wonderful, how lucky we would be if we were able to re-produce these same experiences within our own body, and feel the same connections travelling through our own body’s geography. This is the way in which Craniosacral Therapy works, and the reason for my fascination with it.

I have been devoted to Craniosacral Therapy and the Somato-Emotional Release for over a decade, and I am also trained in Visceral Manipulation.

My health studies began with Traditional Chinese Medicine, then Zen Shiatzu and later Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF) Balance.

Nowadays I work at the Instituto Policlínico Seoul, in Barcelona.

I have also worked as a teacher with actors and dancers, helping them find the way in  which to move their bodies from an internal conscience and awareness, rather than from a mere external display of movement.

I am grateful every time a patient decides to open a small door for me in themselves, to begin a journey together.